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Sept 23 - Pep Rally (Adv Band only)

Oct 12 - Rehearsal for Solos & Small Groups only - on stage 3-4:30pm
13 - BENEFIT CONCERT 7pm, call time 6pm

(All HS band students will receive 10 hours of community service for this performance since all the proceeds from the concert will go to the Music for All non-profit organization. Soloists selected to perform will get an additional 5 hours. Students who elect to create specific decorations for the show can also get additional hours. Parents may get parent volunteer hours for creating decorations)

Oct 16 - Q1 Gradebook Closes



Oct 28 - FA Cup (Adv Band only)

Nov 10 - Fall Festival (Adv Band only)

Dec 11 - Q2 Gradebook Closes (If you know you are going to miss the winter concert, you need to record your concert songs with the tracks and submit by 12/11 via email. If that is not received by 12/11, your concert grade will remain a 0%)

Dec 11 - Band Midterm (all periods) (Students not exempt need to show up to class during their period regardless of our early submission for the Midterm)

Dec 15 - WINTER CONCERT 7pm, call time 6pm

        (general holiday decorations = parent volunteer hours)

Concert Program


Feb 21 - Districts rehearsal - (Advanced Band only, 3-5pm)

Feb 22 - Districts rehearsal - (Advanced Band only, 3-5pm)

Mar 6- Districts rehearsal - (Advanced Band only, 3-5pm)

Mar 7 - Districts rehearsal - (Advanced Band only, 3-5pm)

Mar 8/9 - District Evaluations - (Advanced Band only, off campus)

March 10 - BAND SHOWCASE 7pm, call time 6pm

                   Concert Program 

Mar 12 - Q3 Gradebook Closes



     Apr 18 - Accompanist rehearsal #1 [Soloists 1-8]

     Apr 21 - Accompanist rehearsal #1 [Soloists 9-16]

        Apr 25 - Accompanist rehearsal #2 [Soloists 1-8]

        Apr 27 - Accompanist rehearsal #2 [Soloists 9-16]

Apr 29 - [All MS/HS] Solo & Ensemble Festival performances @ NRMS 

         (no longer accepting solo applications)

May 3 - Beg Rehearsal #1 for Universal Trip- in Bandroom 2:45-5pm
May 4 - Adv Rehearsal #1 for Universal Trip- in Bandroom 2:45-5pm

May 10 - Adv Rehearsal #2 for Universal Trip- in Bandroom 2:45-5pm
May 11 - Beg Rehearsal #2 for Universal Trip- in Bandroom 2:45-5pm

May 18 - Q4 Gradebook Closes for Seniors

May 18 - SPRING CONCERT 7pm, call time 6pm

   Concert Program

May 28 - Q4 Gradebook Closes



CONCERT Procedures

All concerts start at 7pm and are on the Franklin Stage (gym)

Call time for all musicians is 6pm. Inspection grades are lowered by a letter grade for tardiness. 

Students may NOT stay on campus after school. They must go home to shower, change, eat and be back at school for 6pm. Only Tri-M students may stay since they are setting up the concert.

Please review Syllabus and Rubrics (Curriculum tab) for uniform and grading details 

VOLUNTEER Procedures

Volunteers need to show up at 6pm. 

Decorators in particular would show up at 3pm if the concert requires parent volunteers for decorations. 

We do not accept new volunteers on the day of the event, so please sign up as early as possible by emailing your music teacher. 

Concert Volunteer Procedures:  CLICK HERE

Orchestra May Concert Program

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