Tri-M National Music Honor Society

Chapter 7731


What is Tri-M?

The Tri-M Music Honor Society® is a program of NAfME which focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. Tri-M® is the only national honor society for student musicians in grades 6-12. There are more than 1,800 chapters across all 50 states, involving more than 75,000 students. 

Tri-M members will usually get between 15-45 community service hours per year through the service efforts required by the honor society.

Requirements for Candidate year

- Student must be enrolled in a music class

- Student must have and maintain a 3.0 in order to be accepted and remain in good standing

- Student must pay the $50 annual fee by the September 5th deadline along with the application and 2 recommendation letters (Paid at Franklin Payments under "Events/Activities." or via check or money order)


- Application Form (link below) must be submitted to Mr. Saenz.

- Student must attach 2 Recommendation Letters to the application. The 2 Recommendation Letters must be from a non-music teacher. 

Franklin Academy Tri-M New Member Application (DOC)

Candidate Recommendation Form (DOC)

Tri-M National Music Honor Society Remind101 Code:

Text "@kda768" to "81010"


Induction Ceremony

All National Music Honor Society members are "candidates" their first year and do not become full members of the honor society until they are inducted into the honor society at the end-of-the-year Induction Ceremony in May. In order for a candidate to be inducted, they must accomplish the following requirements:

- Attend a majority of the meetings for the year.

- Receive 20 Event Points. Events points are achieved by attending events, or by donating contributions for events. Events include concerts, fundraisers, elementary school visits/tutoring, and school projects. 

Executive Board

As an honor society, Tri-M is run and operated by students, not the sponsor. The sponsor only serves a facilitating and supervisory role in the organization. The meetings and events are charged by the Executive Board, or the "E-Board." The officers on the E-Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Usually, only full-members can serve as officers, but this first year will be the only exception. 



2018-2019 Executive Board
President - Ashley Zambrana

Vice President - Michelle Diamante

Secretary - Isabella Garcia

Treasurer - Daniel Fonseca

Historian - Kayla Lubowicz

2017-2018 Executive Board
President - Jazmon Hayes

Vice President - Tharessa Gilet

Secretary - 

Treasurer - 


 2019 Inductees (15)

Brigit Alonso, Jorge Avila, Isabella Canciobello, Daniel Fonseca

Kare-Lee Henry, Nyobe Hylton, Lyana Mohd-Said, Anthony Nash, 

Valentina Perez, Braulio Quintana, Venisha Servalis,

Lorenzo Sola, Sophia Vargas, Zachary Warner, Carlos Yera

2018 Inductees (14)

Jazmon Hayes, Tharessa Gilet, Ganyra Scott, Isabella Garcia,

Ashley Zambrano, Lawrence Matos, Abigail Humphries, Travis Roberson, Michelle Diamante,

Kayla Lubowicz, David Ocampo, Sade Brown, Jeanette Varela, Ariana Leighty.