""Night at the Gala" 

Are you interesting in getting your name out there as a DESIGNER, a MODEL, a PHOTOGRAPHER, a MAKEUP ARTIST, or a HAIRSTYLIST?

Sign up to join our first annual Franklin Fashion 2020 fashion runway show: "Night at the Gala"






The purpose of the Franklin Runway Fashion & Modeling Show will be to allow artistic students to showcase their work, get awards, get experience, and start promoting their talents for the real world while putting together a portfolio for top arts and design schools. The Franklin Fashion 2020  Show will be a fundraiser hosted by the Tri-M Music Honor Society and Band & Orchestra department. 


All contestants will receive certificates, recommendation letters for art schools/universities, digital portfolios, and personal marketing/website creation assistance. Top three models and designers will receive special awards. 



Any 9th-12th grade Franklin student who wishes to be a DESIGNER must present 10 fully accessorized outfits at the show. The outfits can follow any genre or style of the designers choosing and should reflect the artistic intentions and uniqueness of the designer. All garments in the designers line must carry a unifying and connecting theme.

Designer contestant applications, concept drafts, and $75 non-refundalbe application fees are due on December 1st, 2019. Models will be selected for them shortly after. Designers can choose their own models, but the models must be Franklin HS students and must apply for the modeling category. Designers can also model their own designs. Designers must provide their own materials.

Designers must also provide descriptions about their work, such as fabrics used, which markets the outfits are made for, the functions of the garments, all fabric manipulations and techniques used, the designer’s reason for making the specific line, the designer’s biography.



Any student applying to be a model must present 10 photos in 10 different outfits of their choosing, 1 good head shot, exact measurements, and 1 movement video. The 10 garments photos should demonstrate different hair styles and make up. Models can enter as a contestant to model the works of a designer, or can choose to model their own outfits.

Model contestant applications, 10 photos, and $75 non-refundalbe application fees are due on December 1st, 2019.



APPLICATION FEES for models will be $75, (non-refundable).



As marketing and talent-promotion are major parts of the fashion and modeling industries, one of our biggest goals is to help all of our contestants to create and contribute to their personal portfolios. The photo shoot will take place the week before the fashion show as a means to have photos ready for judges to have as a resource for better decision-making while scoring, and as a means to make sure each line is completed and ready to go in time for the show.

The photo shoot will take place the first week of April.



All photos and designers sketches will be scanned, copied, and printed for brochures, programs, and the Portfolio Gallery at the entrance of the gym. 



We will provide 3 judges to score the designers’ work, and 3 separate judges to judge the models. Judges will have a rubric of 10 items to critique. Each item will receive score from 1-10. All points will be calculated out of 300 points. A first place, second place, and third place will be chosen for both the designer category and modeling category.


Parent Volunteers may sign up to be a judge, but must have NO relation to any of the contestants. Volunteer experience and/or knowledge of fashion and design would be great!



Any student/parent who has experience with make-up and/or hair can be a make-up artist or hair stylist. HS students may get community service hours for their work, and may also have copies of the photos and videos from the show for their own portfolios. (Can community service hours be approved for this?)



We will have coaching sessions for the designers, models, make-up artists, and hair stylists depending on the talents, experience, and availability of our faculty and parent volunteers. In exchange for promotion at the show, fashion or design companies may send us coaches for the coaching sessions for the students.



As mentioned above, Parent Volunteers can use their make-up or hair styling talents to get service hours at the show. If any Parent Volunteers have experience and talents in designing and/or modeling, then we can host coaching sessions with the participants that would enrich their experience.



On the night of the event, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy concessions in the cafeteria starting at 6 pm while the performers, designers, and models prepare in the gym. At 7:00 pm, the gym will be opened for the audience members to take pictures in front of the red carpet backdrops, enjoy the galleries, and find their seats. The event should start promptly at 7:30 pm. 






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If you are a parent volunteer and would like to volunteer to be a judge, coach, photographer, makeup artist, or hairstylist, please email Mr. Saenz at