The Instrument Selection Process

                                                      Watch this VIDEO: Band Instrument Demonstrations

The Instruments

Beginner students can choose to play the flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, bells or snare drum. From these instruments, select students may be permitted to switch to a more difficult scholarship instruments like the oboe (from flute), mellophone/french horn (from trumpet), bassoon (from clarinet or saxophone), or tuba (from any brass instrument) as early as the second half of their beginning year depending on the level and interest of the student. 

Remember that the instrument you get assigned is NOT permanent. You can always switch to another instrument next year.

Step 1 - The students will watch the demonstration video above, and other instrument demonstration videos, and learn about the instruments in class. During this process, the students will start deciding on their 3 favorite instruments.


Step 2 - Students and Parents will submit their Instrument Selection Forms (below) by Friday of Week 1. The link to the google form will be emailed to the parents during the first week.

Step 3 - That weekend, the students will be given their instrument assignments and will get started on learning more about their own instrument. At this point, they will have one week to acquire their instrument and required accessories in order to play and maintain those instruments. 

Step 4 - The following Monday of Week 3, the students will need to have their instruments in class (virtual) to start receiving participation grades. 

Instrument Selection Form - PERIOD 1 (link)

Instrument Selection Form - PERIOD 5 (link)

Instrument Selection Form - PERIOD 7 (link)

Instrument Selection Form - PERIOD 8 (link)

*Percussionists must rent or purchase either a snare drum kit, or bell kit. See bottom of Band Instrument Supplies page.

Beginners should always RENT!

Renting an instrument will give your child the opportunity to begin in band with only a small initial investment. Renting from a music store is the best option so the student can have the advantages of a brand new or like new instrument, freedom from error due to poor equipment, and having the opportunity to switch instruments for the second half of the year, or the following year. The store will always provide the instrument, mouthpiece, one reed, and any valve oil or cork grease so that the student can play the instrument right away. If a student chooses to remain on the instrument for a longer period of time, most rental fees can apply to the purchase of the rented instrument.





It is the parent's responsibility to acquire an instrument for this class through purchase, rental(beginners), or any other means necessary, so that the student has the proper learning tools to succeed in an instrumental music class where the instrument is the most important mandatory class material. Although the school does have an inventory of instruments available for rental by the students, it is a limited inventory of used instruments.







Mellophone (Spring only)


*reserved for Beginners on Free or Reduced Lunch



(priority to Intermediate and Advanced Band, 

but Beginners can rent in January if available)



Bass Clarinet

Tenor Saxophone

French Horn


(beginners can rent Euphoniums in August)


(priority to Intermediate and Advanced Band, 

but Beginners can rent in January if available)

Tuba + practice tuba: $75/semester

Tuba: $50/semester* 

*(if no practice tuba is available for the student to leave at home)

Baritone Saxophone: $50/semester* 

(The Bari Sax stays at school.

The student must have an Alto sax or Tenor sax at home for assignments)

The school does not rent out Oboes, Alto Saxes, Bells, or Snare Drums.

School Rental Terms & Conditions 

School rental fees are final and non-refundable.

Fees can be paid via check, money order, or online payment.

If you would like to reserve a school instrument, please email me immediately.

The student may use the instrument at school or take home until the contract and fee payment is received. 

If the rental contract and fee is not received after 2-weeks, the instrument will be made available for another student to rent and the student will have to get their instrument elsewhere.

Once the rental fee is paid and the contract is submitted, the student is allowed to take the instrument home. 

Any repair needed on the instrument before the contract is over is the responsibility of the family.

Any damage to the instrument beyond "regular wear & tear" is the responsibility of the family

Any student renting a school instrument must have THEIR OWN mouthpiece (brass), reeds (woodwinds) and cleaning materials if not already in the case. 

If any family refuses to get an instrument repaired, the instrument will be returned to the inventory as damaged school property and the family will no longer be able to rent instruments from the school until the payment for the repair is made. 

The parameters that define "regular wear & tear" are decided upon by the repair shop after the repair invoice is received from our repair company during Winter Break or Summer Break. 



Store Rentals change from year to year, so stores won't post their rental prices online.

Click on the picturefor an example of rental prices from All County Music in 2017.

All County Music

Music Tech Studios

Sam Ash Music

*All three of these stores supply

Rentals, Purchases, Repairs and Private Instruction!



No PLASTIC brass instruments! 

Brass instruments; trumpets, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba - should be made of BRASS!

Plastic brass instruments sound terrible, you will not like how you sound playing a plastic brass instrument!


If purchasing an instrument, the color should be silver, bronze/gold, or black.

No irregular colors like white, blue, purple, red, green, pink, etc.

It might seem like a good idea at first, but you will not be happy with the extra attention during a concert!





It is the student's responsibility to be kind to their instruments. Any damage to instruments must be brought to the attention of the teacher, parents, and/or repair location immediately. 

Students are expected to maintain their instruments regularly as specified by the director when it comes to swabbing, bathing, polishing, oiling, greasing, and tuning. Students must take care of instrument maintenance at home to avoid instructional delays in the classroom.


Students are to drop off their instruments to the band room in the morning from 7:30-7:40 am. Instruments are not supposed to be in the classrooms. If the band teacher is in the room priority to this time period, it is okay to drop off before hand. 

The band teacher will NOT write late students any passes due to them having to drop off their instruments. They need to make sure they are ON TIME for school. The instrument drop off will never be an excuse to be late to the students' first class. 

In the even that the band teacher is late to school or absent due to unforeseen circumstance, the students must take their instruments to their classes until an opportunity arises that they are able to drop them off to the band room. Students may NEVER leave their instruments unattended at the doorway of the band classroom or music suite where a passerby can damage or steal the instrument. Leaving a school instrument abandoned on campus may warrant a referral due to negligence of school property.