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Hosted by Fine Arts Department and Friends of the Arts PR Committee


DATE: Wednesday, October 31st

SCHEDULE:     7:30 - SETUP (Tents, tables, and chairs already put out evening before)

                         9:00-10:30 - Block 1 - (MS)

                         11:00-12:30 - Block 2 (8th Grade Visitors)

                         1:00-2:30 - Block 3 (HS)

                         2:30-3:30 - CLEAN UP

CONTACT: For general information, please email


SIGN-UP: Please view the Booth Assignments google doc above to see which spots may be available in booths. If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please email that teacher from the list using their email that is written on the google doc itself. 


All parent volunteers are to sign up for the entire 8-hour volunteer time-frame which is 7:30 am-3:30 pm. Any partial volunteer time frames will be figured out by the teacher whose booth you are working. 


Any suitable outdoor outfit that is appropriate to wear around kids. Use your own discretion. Please dress according to the festival/country color theme for the booth you plan to work in. Email that teacher for those details. General autumn colors are also suitable.


Uniform bottoms and colorful top. Your shirt/top should match the color scheme for your booth, email the teacher for those details. Uniforms shorts and appropriate sneakers are suggested. Hat, hair, make-up, costumes, etc must be worn on top of uniform bottoms, and must not show any mid-drift or shoulders.


All parents are encouraged to bring in much needed materials for the festival. These range from food and drink items, cooking materials, game and activity materials, tables, chairs, canopy tents, decorations etc. Please see the booth assignments and item lists for each teacher below. If you would like to sign up to bring a material or volunteer for a booth, please contact that teacher using their email below. 

All large items like tents, tables and chairs are to be brought to campus the day before the festival to be set up in the field the afternoon of Tuesday, October 30 so that they are ready to be decorated and further prepared the following morning of the festival. 


Parents must label all donated materials for the festival to make sure they go to the correct person for the festival. Correct labeling will ensure proper storage after the festival or item returning to the family who graciously let us borrow their materials for the day. 

Any food, drink, game, cooking, activity, or prize material that will be consumed the day of the festival is to have the teacher's name written in permanent marker somewhere on the box or item so that the front office staff can call that teacher down to pick up their materials. 

Any large items like plastic tables, chairs, coolers, canopy tents, games, and machines that are donated to the Fine Arts program are to have "Fine Arts" labeled somewhere on the item or box so that we know it is to be stored in our storage after the event. 

Any large items like plastic tables, chairs, coolers, canopy tents, games, and machines that are being lent to us for the festival are to have the parent and student full names written somewhere on the item in permanent marker. These should preferably be labeled where the item appearance won't be ruined by the label. 


(Instructions can be provided for items to be built if needed. Items will be made before event and brought in morning of event. The amount of service hours given will be allocated for each item.)


All homemade items will be made or painted using autumn colors: yellow, orange, red, gold, burgundy/maroon, brown


Painted barricades (28-inch traffic cones and 2”X8ft pvc pipes)

Painted banner post bases (5 gal. bucket holders with 4”X4ft pvc pipes, filled halfway with cement)

Painted banner post tops (4”X6ft pvc pipes, with four ¼-inch or ½-inch holes drilled in on four sides, about an inch from top)

Homemade wreaths (fall leaves bound into woven sticks)

Prizes (Candy bags, small bagged stuffed-animals, small bagged toys) (age appropriate)

   *Prize items can be purchased in bulk by dozens from Oriental Trading

Homemade Canopy Tent (built with pvc and tarp. Must stand on its own but be collapsible and reusable. Painted in autumn colors)

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